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Maximising The Returns From Your Google Ads Account

To build a truly profitable Google Ads account, you will need to have the right foundations to build upon. Once you have the right foundations, you can check and tweak your Google Ads account for greater profitability....

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Device Optimisation in Google Ads

If you want to use Google Ads to drive more enquiries, sales and profit into your business in 2019, then you must capitalise upon the optimisation opportunities within your account. ...

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Getting Your Google Ads Account Structure Right!

The structure of your Google Ads account is hugely important.
If you get it wrong, you will cost yourself enquiries and sales… and your ‘cost per sale’ for the ones you do get will be much, much higher than it needs to be!...

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The Hidden Treasure Within Your Google Ads Account

This month we will be setting the foundations for what will be a regular ‘how to’ contribution to the circular, where I let you know all the places to check and tweak within your Google Ads account for greater profitability...

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